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The Track

Click to enlarge Gulf Coast Kartway track map

Located northwest of Katy, Texas, Gulf Coast Kartway is a 0.7 mile paved road racing course with a 780' main straight and a variety of left-hand and right-hand corners that are designed to provide a challenging, competitive and fun racing experience for the drivers.  Depending on the race day, the track can be run either clockwise or counter-clockwise, in essence providing (2) very different track configurations for our members.   Providing a safe racing facility is paramount to Gulf Coast Karters, Inc. as the track is surrounded with large run-off areas throughout the facility. The track was completely repaved in 2003 using specifically formulated asphalt that has produced a durable, consistent and exceptionally smooth racing surface for the drivers.

Click images to enlarge. The original track is grey. . . The new track extension is black.

























Pit Upgrade Illustration

GCKI Pit Upgrade Illustration

The pit improvements include installation of (2) concrete "runners" that teams pit along (either on the outside with their trailer or inside, between the runners).  The runners provide a route to the Hot Grid and Tech areas.  The Hot Grid has been relocated to better accomodate running the track in either direction.  The scales have been relocated to allow ample room for karts that just finished their race to leave the track without creating congestion along the pit exit that delays the start of the followng race.   The Pit Area surface has been repaved with asphalt and appropriate fencing installed.  The Grandstands have been relocated to allow spectators to see the all the action along the entire track.

Parking and Pit Spaces

Please see the revised diagram showing the pit locations at the track. Each pit space is 10’ wide, and there are two spaces between the yellow posts. There should be only one pit space for each trailer, with the pitting out of the back, but not on the pit runners. Exceptions to this should only be for teams with three or more karts, then a second pit space may be used.

Our Saturday practice days are almost as busy as a race day, and many leave their trailers overnight for the race on Sunday. It is important that pitting on Saturday follow the same procedures as race day, one trailer per pit space. Please pit as near to the front as possible, without taking the sponsor’s pit area. This will allow a more manageable parking for those that arrive on Sunday.

GCKI pit spaces revised

  • Red areas reserved for sponsors
  • Pit area is 10’ section (two pit spots between power poles)
  • One pit area per trailer, please pit out of the back
  •  Do not block access on edge of property
  • Park cars on property, not on street
  • No pitting on pavement

Thank you for your cooperation,

Paul Jones
GCKI President

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