Gulf Coast Kartway is located at:

Gulf Coast Kartway
29726 Stockdick Rd.
Katy, Texas 77493


Use of Facilities

Members of GCKI can use the track and limited facilities any day the track is not being used for an official race event.  With your membership card you will receive the combination to the lock on the track gate.  ONLY member owned karts are allowed on the track on non-race days. Non-members are welcome at GCKI to race and practice on club sponsored race days as long as they are registered to race and have signed all required waivers to race on that day.

On non-race days members and/or their guests are the only persons authorized to operate racing karts on the track. A guest of a member can operate the members kart if the member agrees to sponsor the guest. Guests can drive the members kart but the member must be present. The member must have the guest or the legal guardian of a minor guest sign the official waiver provided by the club to release all liability of GCKI before allowing the guest on the track. These signed release forms must be placed in the lock box prior to driving on the track. Anyone found violating this rule will be suspended from the club for a period of one year from the date of the infraction. ALL MEMBERS MUST HAVE THEIR ID CARDS AVAILABLE FOR PROPER VERIFICATION AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON GCKI PROPERTY.  This rule is in effect at ALL TIMES.


Practice Day Procedures

Please follow these procedures on practice days.  First and foremost, safety is the number one concern. No activity or procedure should not be done on these days that would not be allowed on a full race day. Those include:

  • Practice days are for members only
  • All race gear needs to be on while on the track, including neck braces
  • No spectators on the track, karts only
  • No kart stands or recovery while karts are on the track
  • No mixing of inappropriate classes
  • Kid Karts should run by themselves
  • Motorcycles should run by themselves
  • Be considerate of the time on the track, particularly when there are large number of groups (fifteen minutes per group max when multiple groups)
  • Make sure everyone knows what the group make up and order is
  • No speeding in the hot grid area
  • No driving karts on the pit runners
  • Park trailers appropriately in designated pit spaces
  • Keep the place clean, please empty the trash to the dumpster
  • If we all make the effort to be courteous and help each other, we will all have a great day at the track.
  • No fueling in the grid area (it will destroy the asphalt)

On non-race days, the track is open for members and their guests.  Drivers must be considerate of other drivers. It is recommended that drivers practice with other drivers of similar skill. As a general rule, junior drivers and senior drivers should not drive on the track at the same time and should adopt the same order of practice as race days.  Members need to communicate with each other to schedule a safe day of practice. It is highly recommended that kid karts do not drive on the track with more senior classes.

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