This is a great time to become involved with the GCKI Kid Kart program for young racers age 5 to 8. There are several new 5 year olds currently starting, and the more involvement we can get generated now, the more even the playing field will be the rest of the year. Growing our organization will also insure outstanding possibilities for next year’s young drivers. We consider Kid Karting an exhibition class, and all finishers earn trophies at the awards ceremony held after each race. I can tell you the kids get the full fledged experience in every aspect that any professional racer would feel. This has by far been the single best sport I have been involved in with my son and one that has held his attention the longest. It has taught him patience, confidence, dedication, and discipline, which he has been learning together with the other youngsters at the track. I had the same concerns any parent would have about his safety by allowing him to get behind the wheel of what resembles a miniature Indy car. However, GCKI makes safety as a top priority which is such an important consideration for us all. Everyone at the track has been fantastic about sharing information, emphasizing safety, and making the karts competitive and fun to drive. At GCKI we found a great group of people and a wonderful club to be a involved with. One of my favorite parts of joining GCKI was that we had access to the track anytime and could arrange practice with equally experienced drivers via the forum and email. The times we’ve shared the facilities with more experienced drivers they were all fantastic about taking turns on the track so I never had the worry of my son making a mistake or being intimidated by a faster driver.  GCKI encourages the use of their forum, where many more questions can be answered. Our club membership has paid off in ways I cannot begin to describe.

For more information on getting started, please contact any of the GCKI volunteers or you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - I'd be glad to help you get started, the same way others have helped me.

It has truly been an awesome experience for my son and me!

John and Brandon Rucker #5