logo on white 1Gulf Coast Karters and SpeedSportz Racing Park have collaborated to create some great local racing opportunities for 2018. Coordinated race schedules, class structures, and an inter-club championship will be part of this exciting new year. Each track will host it’s own ten race series for 2018 with separate awards for it’s clubs champions. In addition, GCKI and SpeedSportz will co-host the Greater Houston Race Series, an inter-club championship constructed by combining five scheduled races from each club’s series. This series will have its own champions and awards. Some of the highlights for 2018 include:

  • No overlap of club race dates.
  • Coordinated class structures.
  • Combined two races per month.
  • Each track will run one race per month.
  • Each month a Greater Houston Race Series designated race will be run at alternating tracks.

The goal of the coordination is to provide the racer the opportunity to race at different venues without schedule conflicts.  With the coordination of schedules and the addition of the imbedded Greater Houston Race Series, racers will be able to tailor their racing to meet their needs.  With up to 20 different club races available in 2018 between the two tracks, along with the concurrent inter club championship, the racer has the opportunity to participate in up to three different local championships in 2018.


  GCKI Race 1* 2/4/18 Speedsport Race 1 1/28/18
  GCKI Race 2 3/4/18 Speedsport Race 2 2/25/18
  GCKI Race 3 4/8/18 Speedsport Race 3 3/18/18
  GCKI Race 4 5/6/18 Speedsport Race 4 4/22/18
  GCKI Race 5 6/3/18 Speedsport Race 5 5/19/18
  GCKI Race 6 7/8/18 Speedsport Race 6 6/23/18
  GCKI Race 7 8/5/15 Speedsport Race 7 7/28/18
  GCKI Race 8 9/9/18 Speedsport Race 8* 8/18/18
  GCKI Race 9* 10/28/18     Speedsport Race 9 9/29/18
  GCKI Race 10 12/9/18 Speedsport Race 10* 11/3/18

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denotes Greater Houston Race Series (10 race series)
*Schedule change


Update on the 2018 Inter-Club Championship

Now that the other regional and national series have solidified their schedules, we have made three date changes to accommodate racers and eliminate overlap. The February 11th race at GCKI has been moved up a week to February 4th to eliminate a conflict with the SKUSA Winter-tour. The August 25 SpeedSportz club race has been moved up to August 18th as the Texas Sprint Race Series will be at GCKI the weekend of August 25th. The third change is the October 14th Series race at GCKI has been moved up to October 7th to eliminate a conflict with a TSRS race on the 14th. 

Scoring, awards and classes for the Greater Houston Race Series

The good news is there is no added step or cost to race the Greater Houston Race Series. Just sign up for the designated local club race in a recognized class and you will be scored for the championship. Final standings for the GHRS will be based on the total points from the best four of the five designated races from each track (4 of 5 from GCKI, 4 of 5 from SpeedSportz). Awards will be presented at the last series race at SpeedSportz on October 27.

The classes that will be eligible for awards for the Greater Houston Race Series are those that are common to both local track series. Those are as follows:


Kid Kart Age 5 thru 8 BOX Stock Honda Engine GXH50 only
SKUSA Classes  
Micro Swift Age 7 thru 10  
Mini Swift Age 9 thru 13      
X-30 Junior Age 12 -14 Iame X-30 only
Iame Senior Age 15+ Iame X-30 or Iame Leopard (original and MY09)
Iame Master Age 30+ Iame X-30 or Iame Leopard (original and MY09)
Senior Shifter      Age 15+ Stock Moto
Master Shifter Age 30+ Stock Moto
Briggs and Stratton Classes
206 Senior Age 15+  
206 Heavy Age 15+  

We will be putting together a separate Greater Houston Race Series Page (or website) that will contain rules, standings, class details, and any other important information in the future.

Race Day Schedule

Practice* 9:00am - 10:30am Spectators are welcome. There is a $5 fee for anyone over 5 years of age, and a wristband must be obtained in the club house.

*Practice time at race directors discretion.
Driver's Meeting 11:00am
Qualifying All classes
Pre-Final All classes
Final All classes
And in other news

kart_1aGulf Coast Karters welcomes and encourages members and non-members to volunteer to help run our kart racing events.  You don't have to race to be involved in kart racing at Gulf Coast Karters.  You can be a Corner Worker, Grid Marshall or work the Concessions Stand on race day and get paid for your service to GCKI.  You don't have to be a member to serve as a race worker. Come and join in the action! Sign up to work in the Worker Forum Thread.


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GCKI 10 Drivers - 12/9/18

First LastClass
BraxtonBrown Kid Kart
CooperShipman Mini Swift
BrookeBerry LO206 Senior
SantiagoDuran Mini Swift
HelioMeza Mini Swift
BobSimmons LO206 Senior
JoseyChambers LO206 Cadet
JoshSpurr LO206 Cadet
SawyerChambers Kid Kart
RobertKlein Kid Kart
MasonDodson LO206 Master
DavisCunningham Mini Swift
EvaBlehm Kid Kart
JustinSmith LO206 Master
MarkFyie LO206 Master
JosephMoss Mini Swift
JamesMoss Micro Swift
CharlieIliffe Kid Kart
OscarIliffe Mini Swift
JackIliffe Micro Swift
PaulJones IAME Master
EugenioHinojosa LO206 Master
StevenHanson LO206 Senior
JaredSaville Micro Swift
Results 1 - 24 of 24

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Greater Houston Race Series

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2016 GCKI Class Champions

  • Spring 2016
  • Fall 2016
  • '16 Fast Times
  • LO206 Senior - Barry Peel
  • LO206 Junior - Hayden Lane
  • LO206 Cadet - Jett Morton
  • Chonda Cadet - Cole Palermo
  • Rotax Micro Max - Cooper Shipman
  • Rotax Junior - Brandin Warwas
  • TAG Cadet - Davis Cunningham
  • TAG Junior - Blair Hosie
  • TAG Senior - Brett Mitchell
  • TAG Masters - Erich Polack
  • S2 Semi Pro Shifter - Alexis Costa
  • S4 Stock Shifter Mstr - Justin Upchurch
  • Kid Kart - Alex Beare
  • Kid Kart - Ethan Connolly
  • Kid Kart - Luis Santiago Duran
  • Kid Kart - Ragan Saville
  • Kid Kart - Christian Short
  • LO206 Senior - Barry Peel
  • LO206 Master - Brad Holly
  • TAG Cadet - Davis Cunningham
  • TAG Junior - Jett Morton
  • TAG Senior - Brett Mitchell
  • TAG Master - Erich Polack
  • Rotax Senior - Cheyenne Fantuzzo
  • S2 Semi Pro Shifter - Blair Hosie
  • S4 Stock Shifter Mstr - Justin Upchurch
  • Kid Kart - Luis Santiago Duran
  • Kid Kart - Ragan Saville
Class Name Time
Kid Kart Luis Duran 54.500
LO206 Cadet Camryn Reed 48.852
LO206 Sr Barry Peel 47.022
LO206 Master Brad Holly 47.936
LO206 Open Patrick Roth 45.853
Chonda Cadet Kaden Lytle 47.970
Rotax Micro Noah Baker 45.632
TAG Cadet Jak Crawford 43.615
TAG Jr Maxwell Waithman 39.923
Rotax MicroMax Jacob Kittelson 46.453
Rotax Mini Jak Crawford 42.082
Rotax Intl Brett Mitchell 41.698
Rotax Jr  Maxwell Waithman 40.795
Rotax Senior Chayenne Fantuzzo 42.810
Rotax DD2 Master Stacey Locke 45.024
TAG Senior Brett Mitchell 39.582
TAG Master Paul Jones 40.971
S5 125 Jr Blair Hosie 38.723
S4 125 Mstr Justin Upchurch 39.579
S2 125 Stock Sr Garrett Boone 38.600
Open Shifter Jerry Rhodes 39.210

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