With a successful 2016 season completed, it is time to look forward to our 2017 season of kart racing at Gulf Coast Karters in Katy, TX. We continued to see record participation in the 2016 race season, and our club membership continues to be stable in it’s Master membership. These statistics combined with the support of long-time as well as new members of the club will help make 2017 another solid year at GCKI.

2017 GCKI General Membership Meeting

On Wednesday evening January 5th GCKI held its annual all-members meeting at the Memorial West Community Club. The facility, arranged and hosted by Becky and Bill Choice, continues to serve as an excellent venue for this important event. We had an excellent turnout of members representing all of the classes raced at GCKI. Several topics were presented and discussed and decisions were reached that will shape the club and form the basis of our operations for the next year.


GCKI’s strong financial condition entering into 2016 allowed the club to execute on several major improvements. Several planned, some unplanned.

Facilities improvements completed during 2016

  • Painted curbs (planned)
  • Spread new parking lot material (planned)
  • Built new grid/ scales cover building (60’x160’) (planned)
  • Repaved grid/scales area (unplanned, necessary due to failure of surface under construction load)
  • Built gating and access for overflow parking of major events with track neighbor (planned)
  • Replaced and upgraded septic system (unplanned. System failed due to flood at track)
  • Purchased and installed new fencing and barriers for grid area (planned

Facilities improvements planned for 2017

  • Install electrical for new covered building for grid and scales area
  • Continue to spread new parking lot material
  • Remove old tires

Resulting from the adoption of SKUSA Evinco tires as the spec tire for TaG, Shifter, and 4-Stroke classes, the combined partnership of 3G Kart Racing and SKUSA will serve as GCKI’s overall Title Sponsor. We are very grateful for the support of many longtime GCKI sponsors who have continued to support our club. Please endeavor to support these great supporters of GCKI whenever your purchasing decisions allow. GCKI is always looking to add businesses that are interested in furthering their exposure through a beneficial affiliation with GCKI. Please contact members of our Sponsorship Committee for details.

2017 GCKI Race Schedule

The membership reviewed the proposal for race dates in the 2017 season. In a best-effort to avoid conflicts with holidays and major karting events, the following schedule was adopted:

2016 - Spring Series 2016 Fall Series
Race 1 – February 5th
Race 2 – February 19st         
Race 3 – March 12th 
Race 4 – March 26th 
Race 5 – April 9th 
Race 6 – April 30th 
Race 7 – May 28th
Race 8 – June 4th
Race 1 – July 23rd
Race 2 – August 27th
Race 3 – September 10th
Race 4 – September 24th
Race 5 – October 8th
Race 6 – October 22nd
Race 7 – November 5th
Race 8 – December 3rd

Texas Mini Grand Prix Races @ GCKI

March 4th & 5th
May 5th & 6th
Aug 5th & 6th
Oct 14th & 15th
Nov 11th & 12th

Texas ProKart Challenge @ GCKI
June 10th & 11th

Texas Sprint Racing Series @ GCKI
April 21st & 22nd

Download the GCKI 2017 Race Schedule 59K PDF Changes to 2017 Rules

Spec Tires
– It was agreed by the members that GCKI will continue to use the Evinco as our spec tire for all SKUSA-based classes (Tag & Shifter). SKUSA Evinco Blue will be the spec tire for cadets and four stroke classes. This adoption will have multiple benefits. First and foremost, it enables the club to receive a very generous season sponsorship from 3G and SKUSA. It also enables out-of-town racers to run at GCKI with the same tires they would use at sanctioned SKUSA and TSRS events. This rule will be in effect as of the first race of the 2017 season. Rotax sanctioned classes will utilize that series’ specified compound of Vega tires. Kid kart tires will remain “open.” Rain tires will now be MG Wet for all classes. Rain tires will remain open for the first two declared rain races at Katy in an effort for those with new non-spec rain tires to use them up.

Other adopted rules changes are as follows:

Kid Karts

  • Honda GXH50 will run 150 lbs minimum weight (same as last year)
  • Comer C50, C51 will run 160 lbs minimum weight (up 10 lbs from last year)

LO 206

  • LO 206 Light class at 360 lbs minimum weight (down from 375 lbs last year)
  • LO 206 Heavy class at 390 lbs minimum weight (down from 405 lbs last year)
  • World Formula will be recognized as separate GCKI class with a minimum weight at 375 lbs

2016 GCKI Officers, Elected Board of Trustee, Compensated and Position Volunteers
We continue to see more and more membership involvement in the leadership of the club. For 2016, we’ll see a healthy mix of continued service by experienced club veterans along with the introduction of fresh talent into our key positions.

Voluntary Officer Roles

President – Paul Jones
Vice President – Robert Schneider
Treasurer – Bill & Becky Choice
Membership Director – Scott Boone

Compensated Race-Day Roles

Race Director – Gary Kinkade
Race Day Manager – Joel Yeltin
Tech Inspector – Frank D’Angelo
Race Administrator – Elise Yeltin
Starter – Leo Leondio
Timing and Scoring – Austin Johnson
Concessions – Open

Volunteer Positions

Facilities Manager – John Fantuzzo
Trophies and Awards – Michelle Watts
Sponsorship Director – Doug Berry

Elected Board of Trustees

Bill Choice (Elected to a 2-year Term)
Brian Warwas (Elected to a 2-year Term)
David McKee (Serving year 2 of 2-year term)
James Waithman (Serving year 2 of 2-year term)

I would like to thank all the leadership and volunteers of GCKI. Without your dedication and help, the success of this club would not be possible. I would like to wish everyone a safe, competitive and FUN 2017 season at GCKI!

Paul Jones

Race Day Schedule

Practice* 9:00am - 10:30am Spectators are welcome. There is a $5 fee for anyone over 5 years of age, and a wristband must be obtained in the club house.

*Practice time at race directors discretion.
Driver's Meeting 11:00am
Qualifying All classes
Pre-Final All classes
Final All classes
And in other news

kart_1aGulf Coast Karters welcomes and encourages members and non-members to volunteer to help run our kart racing events.  You don't have to race to be involved in kart racing at Gulf Coast Karters.  You can be a Corner Worker, Grid Marshall or work the Concessions Stand on race day and get paid for your service to GCKI.  You don't have to be a member to serve as a race worker. Come and join in the action! Sign up to work in the Worker Forum Thread.


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GCKI 8 & GHRS 8 - 8/18/19

First LastClass
johnwick Pro Shifter
GraigAlvarez LO206 Senior
BarryPeel LO206 Senior
CooperShipman Mini Swift
AdenRudolph X30 Junior
ZaneGoff LO206 Senior
MarkAustin LO206 Master
WayneTurpin IAME Master
NoahBaker X30 Junior
TannerGarvin X30 Junior
Brooke Berry LO206 Junior
JohnBerry IAME Senior
SantiagoDuran Mini Swift
HelioMeza Mini Swift
RileyRoberts Kid Kart
BobSimmons LO206 Senior
JimGarvin IAME Master
TylerRoberts LO206 Cadet
Ragan Saville Mini Swift
CristianShort LO206 Cadet
BrettMitchell LO206 Senior
Davis Cunningham Mini Swift
EvanHumphries Micro Swift
JeshuaAlianell LO206 Senior
JoseyChambers LO206 Cadet
WillVasser IAME Master
RobertSchneider LO206 Senior
PaulTorre Miscellaneous
JayKleinheinz IAME Master
DrewBlehm Kid Kart
EvaBlehm LO206 Cadet
RyderBaker Micro Swift
AustinRoy Micro Swift
BobbyKlein Micro Swift
DavidPergande IAME Master
BryceFrank LO206 Junior
ScottBoone IAME Master
WilliamLarkin KA 100 Junior
ChrisMcGuigan Kid Kart
AstonWyatt Kid Kart
CharlieIliffe Kid Kart
JackIliffe Micro Swift
OscarIliffe Mini Swift
StevenHanson LO206 Senior
Results 1 - 44 of 44

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2018 GCKI Class Champions

  • 2018
  • '18 Fast Times
  • Kid Kart - Eva Blehm
  • Micro Swift - Ragan Saville
  • Mini Swift - Oscar Iliffe
  • IAME Senior - Jim Garvin
  • IAME Master - Paul Jones
  • Lo206 Cadet - Josey Chambers
  • LO206 Senior - Barry Peel
  • LO206 Master - Travis McCartney
Class Name Time
Kid Kart Eva Blehm 57.359
LO206 Cadet Josh Spurr 47.519
LO206 Senior Cade McKee 46.541
LO206 Master Travis McCartney 47.800
Micro Swift Ragan Saville 44.905
Mini Swift Davis Cunningham 43.940
IAME X30 Junior Hayden Lane 40.953
IAME Senior John Berry 40.068
IAME Master Paul Jones 41.618
S4 Allan Page 40.186
S2 Michael Ilavia 38.849

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