Gulf Coast Karters Swap Meet December 4th will be the final race of 2011 at GCKI. We welcome all local racers to come to Katy, TX and compete in the event. Non-members will be charged the regular GCKI member race fee. Saturday Dec 3rd will also be open to all kart racers as a FREE practice day. GCKI members should bring their membership cards. Non members will have to sign an insurance liability waiver prior to entering the track. If attendance warrants we will operate under "Controlled Practice" rules with logical groupings to maximize everyone's practice benefit.

Also - We will be hosting a free-to-the-public Swap Meet at the track on the 3rd and the 4th of December. Bring along all of your old gear, karts and motors. We'll have plenty of buyers and sellers to take advantage of all the great deals.

Dont forget that the Dec 4th Fall 8 race is a DOUBLE POINTS race!