An updated official version of GCKI's Rules and Procedures as well as an update to GCKI's Classes and Class Specification have been published.  The updates are in accordance with the decisions of GCKI's members as reached in our all member meeting earlier in the month.  Where appropriate, the Classes also follow established national sanctioning body guidelines.  We've highlighted the changes to the documents for 2013 to make it easier to see the changes.  Please familiarize yourself with all rules and regulations.  Except where specifically noted these rules will be in effect immediately beginning with Spring Race 1 on February 3rd.  It is each competitor's responsibility to ensure that they have the proper tires, fuel, oil, etc to be in compliance with these rules.

Good luck to all on a safe, enjoyable, and competitive 2013 season!
Download the 2013 GCKI Rules 120K PDF
Download the 2013 GCKI Classes 131K PDF (Mini Rok Class updated 1/29/13)