An updated official version of GCKI's Rules and Procedures as well as an update to GCKI's Classes and Class Specification have been published.  The updates are in accordance with the decisions of GCKI's members as reached in our all member meeting earlier in the month.  Where appropriate, the Classes also follow established national sanctioning body guidelines.  We've highlighted the changes to the documents for 2013 to make it easier to see the changes.  Please familiarize yourself with all rules and regulations.  Except where specifically noted these rules will be in effect immediately beginning with Spring Race 1 on February 3rd.  It is each competitor's responsibility to ensure that they have the proper tires, fuel, oil, etc to be in compliance with these rules.

Good luck to all on a safe, enjoyable, and competitive 2013 season!
Download the 2013 GCKI Rules 120K PDF
Download the 2013 GCKI Classes 131K PDF (Mini Rok Class updated 1/29/13)

stop watchThe attached file contains the identified fastest lap times per class for events held at GCKI in 2012.  Each year the lap times are reset, and the GCKI members recording the fastest times at any officially timed event at GCKI during qualifying or racing are recognized at the annual banquet.  

Times posted to MyLaps are the offical times of record.  Everyone is encouraged to review the document.  This is still a painstakingly manual process to review every session for every race and pick out the fastest times per class.  You know your performance better than anyone, and despite great care in reviewing the numbers - it is possible an error could have been made.  The results for 2012 become official at midnight Friday January 25th, 2013.  To report an error contact John Bartos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download the 2012 Fast Laptimes 187K PDF

GCKI-Map-Image-Gulf smallfGulf Coast Karters logoWith a successful 2012  season completed (and a celebration of our champions yet to come at the awards banquet  on January 26th), it is time to look forward to what is shaping up to be a very exciting 2013 season of kart racing at Gulf Coast Karters in Katy, Tx.  We had great  racing participation in  the  fall season of 2012, and  a  great turn-out for the  recent  Winter Blast.  Both are good signs of things to come.

2013 GCKI General Membership Meeting

On Tuesday  evening January 8th GCKI held its annual all-members meeting at the Memorial West Community Club. The facility,  arranged and hosted by Becky and Bill Choice,  continues to serve as an excellent venue for this important event.  We had an excellent turn-out of  both  new and longtime  members who worked passionately and cooperatively to shape the direction of the club for the coming year.

Finances for 2012 were reviewed in detail, and it has become clear that the costs of operating the club  –  particularly in running races,  have gone up substantially year over year. GCKI remains financially strong, and our commitment to putting every dime the club earns back into facility improvements continues. After a lot of thoughtful discussion it was ultimately agreed that the best way to address the rising costs of conducting races was to increase the race fees for both members and non-members by $10. Prices for wrist-bands for spectators and annual membership fees will remain unchanged.


We were pleased to announce the support of RPM Motorsports as our Spring Series sponsor and the return of Trailer World Katy as our Fall Series Sponsor. Please consider both of these businesses when making your purchasing decisions.

2013 GCKI Race Schedule

One of the most critical discussions held during the meeting was the  date  for the first race of the season. After much deliberation, it was agreed to hold our first  points  race in 2013  on Sunday February 3rd (yes it's Superbowl Sunday, and as we just proved at the Winter Blast, we can hold a very efficient day of racing and get everyone home in time to see the commercials ahead of kick-off.)  From there, the schedule was massaged to continue with our dual 8-race series concluding in Houston's best-weather days in early December.

2013 GCKI Spring Series          2013 GCKI Fall Series  
Race 1 February 3rd Race 1       July 14th
Race 2 February 17th Race 2 August 18th
Race 3 March 10th Race 3 September 8th
Race 4 March 24th Race 4 September 29th
Race 5 April 7th Race 5 October 13th
Race 6 April 28th Race 6 October 27th
Race 7 May 26th Race 7 November 10th
Race 8 June 16th Race 8 Deceember 8th

Changes to 2013 Rules

Spec Tires  –  It was agreed by the members that GCKI will  continue  with MG  Yellow  Tires as our spec tire (and club sponsor) for non-Rotax classes. This rule will be in effect as of the first race of the 2013  season. (Kid kart tires will remain "open.")  It was agreed that the Chonda Cadets will continue to use MOJO tires (see note below on compounds and timing of that change.) Rain tires will continue to  be open for all non-Rotax classes. MOJO "wets" will be mandatory for Rotax rain races. Scrubbed rains will continue to be permitted at club events.

Rotax  Class  Rule Changes  –  Rotax  national rules have not yet been formally established. Many changes have been discussed, and are in the process of being adopted. Most of the changes relate to slowing down the classes for younger drivers  –  Micro Max, Mini Max and Junior. One change that appears to be imminent is the change to MOJO D1 tire compounds (from the current D2 compound). GCKI membership agreed to set the standard of MOJO D1 compound as the spec tire for all Micro, Mini and Junior classes.  This rule is in effect beginning with Spring Race 1.  All other Rotax rule changes will be evaluated as they are finalized at the national level and may be adopted by the club with a reasonable phase-in period.

SKUSA Class Rules – To offer the added flexibility of new racers joining the series in shifter class, GCKI will adopt the S2 class formally into our structure.

Mini Rok - The use of an air filter will remain optional.  MG Red will be the spec tire.

CHONDA Class Rules – CHONDA & CHONDA Cadet remain as two of GCKI's most successful classes – appealing to new and experienced racers alike, and continue to grow.  There have been many changes to the AKRA rules for engine specifications during 2012, and those rules continue to be in flux.  It was agreed by the membership that it is in the best interest of GCKI members to keep our rules as consistent (and cost-effective) as practical. The single component affected most by this decision is the engine flywheel. The ARC Racing BSFW-1 steel flywheel (mandated prior to the 2012 Fall Season) remains our only legal flywheel option. Many other tracks in the country have followed AKRA's allowance of billet-aluminum flywheels – but the membership agreed that the fact that these can effectively double the cost of the engine package (along with a substantial increase in performance) goes against the spirit-and-intent of the class.

Due to availability of engines, sheet metal color will be a non-tech item.

The requirement for full-width rear bumpers for CHONDA Classes remains in effect. However it was clarified that during rainy conditions (when declared a "wet race" by the race director) that the rear tires must remain at least even with the full extent of the rear bumper. That is, the rear bumper may not protrude beyond the rear tires under any conditions.

CHONDA Cadet – Resulting from the changes to the Rotax cadet classes, CHONDA Cadet tires will become MOJO D1 beginning in Spring Race 4. Either D1 or D2 compounds may be used during the first three races. This should ensure the continued availability of used tires for racers to claim.

Kid Kart Class – Burris Castor 927 oil will become the spec oil. The stock washer or a head temperature sensor must be used under the spark plug.

2013 Facility Improvements

Our initial and primary focus will remain our commitment to be "good neighbors" to the surrounding community. The leadership of GCKI is working to develop a plan to install a noise-abatement fence/wall surrounding the north perimeter of the track. The expense of performing this necessary improvement will dictate the remainder of this year's facility improvements.

2013 GCKI Officers, Elected Board of Trustee, Compensated and Position Volunteers

We continue to see more and more membership involvement in the leadership of the club. For 2013, we'll see a healthy mix of continued service by experienced club veterans along with the injection of fresh talent into our key positions.

Voluntary Officer Roles
President – John Bartos
Vice President – Patrick Roth
Treasurer – Bill Choice
Technical Director – Eric Meservey
Competition Director – Paul Jones
Membership Director – Marcia Bartos

Compensated Race-Day Roles
Race Director – Joel Yelton
Tech Inspector – Currently Open – Seeking nominations
Race Secretary – Marcia Bartos
Assistant Race Secretary – Sandra Roth / Becky Choice
Starter – Austin Johnson
Timing and Scoring – Michael Hopkins
Concessions – Elise Yelton

Volunteer Positions

Track Director – David Young
Assistant Track Director – Paul Jones
Trophies and Awards – Michelle Watts
Championship Points – David Pergande
Sponsorship Committee – Scott Boone, Mark Reid, Brian Warwas

Elected Board of Trustees

Bill Choice (Elected to a 2-year Term)
David  McKee (Elected to a 2-year Term)
Bryan Joplin (Serving year 2 of 2 year term)
Brad Johnson (Serving year 2 of 2 year term)

Here is wishing everyone a safe, competitive and FUN 2013 season at GCKI!

Gulf Coast Karters is pleased to announce the 2013 GCKI race schedule!

2013 GCKI Spring Series          2013 GCKI Fall Series  
Race 1 February 3rd Race 1 July 14th
Race 2 February 17th Race 2 August 18th 4th
Race 3 March 10th Race 3 September 8th
Race 4 March 24th Race 4 September 29th
Race 5 April 7th Race 5 October 13th
Race 6 April 28th Race 6 October 27th
Race 7 May 26th Race 7 November 10th
Race 8 June 16th Race 8 Deceember 8th

The Texas Mini Grand Prix race dates at GCKI are TBA.
Printer friendly 2013 GCKI Race Schedule 55K PDF

3g kart racing logoPhone: 281-599-0851

Attention GCKI Winter Blast racers - 3G Kart Racing will not have the big trailer at the Winter Blast race this weekend, they will be there but support will be limited.  If anyone needs fuel, tires, parts etc... please visit the shop and pick them up before Sunday. Thank you, 3G Kart Racing 281-599-0851

2013 GCKI Winter Blast FlyerClick to enlarge flyerGulf Coast Karters will be hosting it's very popular Winter Blast race again for 2013.  This will be a “fun” race intended for everyone to come out and shake a little bit of the winter cabin fever and tune up for the coming race season.  It will be a race-for-honor with certificates awarded to each class’ top three finishers (and all participants in kid karts.) 

This race will also serve as a fund-raiser for GCKI to kick off the 2013 in a positive way.  Track worker volunteers are being sought to offset the cost to host the race.  All workers will immediately gain 110 worker points applicable towards the spring 2013 season – positions for corner workers, grid and scales are open.  Racing friends from neighboring tracks are welcome, and all racers on this day will pay GCKI member entry fees (a substantial discount form non-member race fees.) Spectators are welcome $5 per person over 5 years of age.

2012 GCKI Winter Blast raceDue to the possibility of inclement weather the following conditions are in effect to ensure the safety and comfort of all involved.  The Winter Blast will not be conducted as a “Rain Race.”  The Winter Blast will only be held if race day temperature exceeds 45 degrees F by 11:00am on race day. We hope to see a big field turn out for the fun and competition.