Any GCKI member wishing to leave their trailer behind after Spring Race 7 this weekend (or any GCKI member who wishes to park their trailer prior to formal TPKC move-in date of Math 30th) must first coordinate their pit spot reservation with Dave Pauly at 3G Kart Racing.  We are expecting a large number of entries and it is crucial that the assignment of pit spots is performed in a logical and well-coordinated manner.  The TPKC organizers are working diligently to ensure that all participants have adequate space.  A link to the details for reserving a pit spot is located here - Pitspot Reservation Information

It is also recommended that those who do plan to leave their trailer in a pit spot location prior to formal move-in on Thursday May 30th provide the keys to any trailer hitch locks to Dave so that any necessary shuffling of trailers by the TPKC organizers can be carried out if necessary.